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Balt Yacht

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09 Şubat 2024 - 16:27

Balt Yacht

Balt Yacht

1990 yılında kurulmuş olan Balt Yacht,Founded in 1990, Balt Yacht is one of Poland’s leading yacht and boat manufacturers, specializing in particular in the manufacture of GRP hulled yachts and boats. Our company produces in modern facilities covering an area of approximately 8 thousand square meters. Adopting quality and customer satisfaction as a priority, Balt Yacht continues its production in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 standards in 2001.

Under the Balt Yacht brand, we offer various models of floating, semi-planned and sailing boats. Among the prominent ones: Introduced in 2018, the luxury pontoon boat SunCamper 35 was awarded the prestigious Jerzy Fijka Award in the large motor yacht category and was named Boat of the Year 2019 in Poland. We also have a houseboat model called SunCamper 30, which was awarded the 2011 Yacht of the Year award in Poland.

Balt Yacht has also produced a range of Titanium semiplane pontoon boats in collaboration with Yacht Export Poland. These include models such as Balt 1018 Titanium, Balt 918 Titanium and Balt 818 Titanium, which were released in 2020. These boats represent the first in the semi-planned pontoon boat category in Poland and were awarded the Polish Yacht of the Year award in 2015.

Our facility also produces sailboats. These include models such as the Balt 26 and Balt 27 (the marine version of the Balt 26), which was awarded the Wind and Water Product award in 2013.

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