Extra Yachts

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11 Şubat 2024 - 19:52

Extra Yachts

Extra Yachts: A Name that Brings Innovation to the Maritime World

Welcome to the Extra Yachts family! Extra Yachts brings together maritime passion, excitement, experience, craftsmanship, shipyards and direct assistance centres, offering its customers the feeling of belonging to a family of craftsmen. By putting the customer at the center of the family, Extra Yachts creates an atmosphere that makes the maritime experience special.

Extra not only builds yachts, but also offers contemporary solutions by prioritizing high technical performance, workmanship and aesthetic value. It builds custom yachts that reflect each client’s identity while promoting freedom of navigation and environmentally friendly yachting.

Innovative Approach and Environmental Design

Designed to fulfill the desire to be in touch with the sea, the Extra Yachts series offers high livability. While it attracts attention with its interior and exterior spaces, it provides environmentally friendly and low-consumption navigation with its solar panels. It is also ideal for full and complete long-distance cruising. Extra Yachts brings a new breath to the maritime world with its contemporary designs and environmentally friendly approach.

Wide Model Range

Extra Yachts has gained a solid place in the maritime world with the new models it launches. Models such as EXTRA 76, EXTRA 86, EXTRA 93 and EXTRA 130 stand out as luxurious and functional yachts that meet the requirements of the modern age. While each of them attracts attention with their unique designs and technical features, they offer unique maritime experiences to customers.

Palumbo Superyachts Assurance

Extra Yachts benefits from the extensive technical experience and world-class Italian craftsmanship inherent to Palumbo Superyachts. This provides customers with the highest level of quality and reliability. Additionally, ISA Yachts offers its customers the advantages of a wide network by collaborating with strong brands such as Columbus Yachts, Mondomarine and Palumbo SY.

As a result, Extra Yachts is a brand that adopts an innovative approach in the maritime world and prioritizes customer satisfaction. With its specially designed yachts and environmentally friendly approach, Extra Yachts offers a unique experience for maritime enthusiasts.

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