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Morley Yachts

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15 Şubat 2024 - 7:56

Morley Yachts

Morley Yachts: Beyond 20 Years of Professionalism

Morley Yachts represents a two-decade legacy in the yachting industry. Its founder, Tim Morley, started his yachting career in 1997 as a crew member on LEANDER, known as the world’s best charter yacht. He then worked in the yacht brokerage industry before founding Morley Yachts in 2005. Since then, the company has been connecting customers with yachts as the key to relationships and partnerships.

Morley Yachts has successfully carried out yacht rental and sales by participating in events such as the Cannes Yacht Festival. Specializing in the rental and sale of both motor and sailing yachts, the company has operated more than 100 large yacht charter deals worldwide.

We are constantly learning to guide our customers in choosing the right yacht. We also recognize that crew plays a critical role in the yacht experience. We make an effort to get to know the crew and find the most suitable crew for the guests. We know that the quality of the crew is more important to the overall experience than the yacht itself.

We travel around the world to fully understand our customers’ needs. We travel long distances to inspect a yacht for our clients and travel around the world to meet clients face to face.

Morley Yachts has always been open to opportunities and is not afraid to “think outside the box”. Some of the company’s important projects include the opening of an office in Tunisia and the marketing of Marina Bizerte. We also specialize in arranging yacht charters in Patagonia and unique destinations such as Antarctica.

We also operate in special events such as cruise ship chartering at events such as the Monaco Grand Prix. Morley Yachts continues to serve its customers as a private business with a solid financial structure, debt-free and full independence. We look forward to our future successes and the experiences we provide to customers.

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