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Parker Boats Official

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24 Şubat 2024 - 19:59

Parker Boats Official

Representing Excellence at Sea: Parker Boats

Parker Poland was founded in 1886 as the Polish extension of AH Parker & Sons (GB) Ltd, which has a long maritime tradition. Since its founding, Parker has maintained its influence in the maritime industry and achieved tremendous success.

Over the years, Parker has specialized in rigid inflatable boats and has distinguished itself in this field with open or cabin versions in various sizes from 5.10 to 16 metres. Using the experience and knowledge gained in the production of rigid inflatable boats, the company has also stepped into different sectors such as sports, entertainment and fishing boats. The product range covers a wide range from 6-metre sports cruisers to 11-metre family pleasure boats and currently includes 17 different models. Parker launches new models every year to meet the changing needs of the market, and positive feedback from customers and dealers plays an important role in the development of these models.

Parker Boats are known for their innovative designs, excellent seakeeping capabilities and especially superior quality and durability. The company’s product range consists of different models that cater to various needs. For example, different versions such as Parker 630, Parker 660, Parker 690 offer customers a wide choice. There are also special designs such as the Parker 700 Pilothouse, Parker 760 Mission and Parker 850 Voyager.

The Parker Monaco 110 is the first of the company’s new line of Sport outboard boats. This technological marvel is designed to offer sea lovers an exciting experience.

As a result, Parker Boats is a symbol of excellence in the marine industry. By constantly focusing on innovation and quality, they aim to provide customers with the best marine experience.

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