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Targa Boats

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09 Şubat 2024 - 20:35

Targa Boats

Botnia Marin has been operating in Finland since 1976. While aiming to perfect boat building mastery, we produce original offshore motor yachts.

Targas are handcrafted in the coastal towns of Malax and Nykarleby in western Finland. The mastery demonstrated by our professionals is clearly reflected in every Targa boat. Builders work closely together during the production phase to ensure the highest quality. At Targa we bring together an enormous amount of experience and knowledge to guarantee the best possible results.

Targa boats are built with precision and care in our boathouses in Western Finland, where modern manufacturing technologies are blended with traditional boatbuilding methods. More than 200 highly qualified professionals design and build boats that perform to the highest standards. Their expertise respects Finland’s unique maritime tradition and makes the entire Targa fleet stand out in a class of its own.

To provide the high quality for which Targa is famous, Botnia Marin has two full-service production areas. It’s a traditional boat yard where almost everything is done in-house, unlike many of its competitors that operate as assembly plants. We are proud to specialize in all stages of boat building, from the beginning of lamination to delivery.

Botnia Marin is unique in that almost everything is done in-house. Not only do we cover every stage of the boat building process, we always take customers’ requests into consideration during the design and manufacturing process. You get exactly what you want – a boat that meets and exceeds your expectations.

“Targa is far from an off-the-shelf product. We offer our customers a completely personalized boat. The choice of colour, upholstery, navigation system, pantry equipment, fittings, etc. is yours. Then we rebuild.”

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