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27 Şubat 2024 - 12:51


Tecnomar is a global operator, part of the Italian Marine Group, offering a complete luxury experience in the boating industry. The Group is capable of offering a portfolio of quality, attention to detail, design, artistry, innovation and the true essence of Made in Italy.

The TECNOMAR brand is synonymous with dynamism and its fleet often includes fast and sporty yachts up to 50 metres.

Since 1987, Tecnomar has launched 289 yachts. The brand was born in Viareggio, focusing on the production of 20 meter long motorboats, characterizing these boats with a high level of sportiness and innovative design.

Later, in order to optimize the production cycle, Tecnomar moved its commercial and production offices to the Massa Carrara industrial area. Since the 2000s, the shipyard has developed a constantly growing range of yachts and worked to meet customer demands from around the world.

Tecnomar’s more than 20 years of experience has enabled it to go beyond the natural distance that separates the offshore world and large motoryachts. In January 2009, Giovanni Costantino was appointed Chairman and CEO of Tecnomar and developed and implemented the company’s restructuring plan.

A renovated and expanded production center and other centers were built and the industrial system was reintroduced in an innovative way. Tecnomar’s fleet today includes boats made entirely of steel and aluminum, with special attention to the principles of eco-sustainability.

New systems for quality control have been implemented and the marketing approach has been differentiated. Over the last 2 years a new and effective industrial system has been developed which is an absolute innovation for the traditional boat industry. With the investments and contributions of an experienced team of professionals, technical and industrial knowledge has been developed in a unique way.

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